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INTRODUCING: Incredible Self Healing Technique from A Doctor Who Healed herself
Have you hit emotional “rock bottom” due to physical, mental, or emotional trauma, pain, and anguish?
The power of self-healing is within you - it's up to you to make it happen. 
Only $28
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If you are suffering from long-term physical, mental, or emotional pain and your quality of life is not at all what it should be —

If you are currently living day-to-day in a state of misery, please, don’t click away from this page —

If you are angry, upset, frustrated, seeing no end to your suffering in sight — you need to keep reading, because 
I’m about to share something with you that will change your life for the better, forever.
Life is meant to be enjoyed! 
Whatever pain you are now going through is not meant to be the last thing you ever experience in this beautiful life—you deserve healing.
I am here to tell you that I too was once walking a similar path—one of physical, mental, and emotional anguish and turmoil—FOR 14 YEARS—but I found a way out, and today I want to share it with you. In the depths of my despair, I discovered powerful tools that I was able to use to heal my mind and body.

I’ve detailed it all in my book, The Three Pillars of Self-Healing.
Here is the best part—you already have access to these tools—you only need to be shown how to use them!

And, once you learn how to use these tools, you can use them anywhere—wherever you happen to be at the moment, taking as much or as little time as you have available.

This may seem crazy, but I want you to imagine something for a moment, and it won’t be hard to do. I want you to imagine how you currently feel from day to day. The emotional pain. The physical pain. The suffering.


Now—and this might be a little harder, but please, for your own sake, try to now imagine the exact opposite of what you were just thinking of.

Peace. Happiness. Contentment. Joy. Satisfaction with life. A life free from the shackles of emotional turmoil. Well-being. Love. Personal power.

I’m here to tell you that you can have it all. All you have to do it reach out and take it. I did. And you can too.

You see, you CAN take back control over your life, by taking control of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. I want to show you how.

Only $28
Your order is 100% Secured
Let me tell you my story
My name is Petrona Velásquez.
I grew up in a poor farming community in Nicaragua. I, like most children in my village, performed backbreaking manual labor tending crops and caring for herd animals to help earn money for my family.

Because education was not something that was highly valued in the area where I come from, my education at that time was limited to basic reading and writing.

But I had a dream of one day being able to study at university to become a doctor. 

A couple of years after the war of 1979, an opportunity for me to migrate to the city presented itself, though it would not be easy, and I would have no help from my parents.

I supported myself, buying the things I needed—food, clothing, housing—by selling contraband clothing from Honduras on the sidewalks, and cleaning products to local stores. All of this during a time when the military would seize products and food that people were carrying.

I was very lucky to not have ever had my products seized and I was able to save enough money to support myself during the five years I would spend at university so that I could focus all of my energy on that effort.

Finally, I graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua in the city of León (UNAN León) at the age of 27, in the year 1990. I completed my internship in 1991, and my obligatory social service work—a mandatory component of obtaining a medical degree—in Nicaragua from 1992 to 1993.

I then continued my work as a doctor in the Ministry of Health of Nicaragua. I had finally achieved the success I had dreamed of for so long! But, I only worked for eight short years before disaster struck.

After a long day at work, I was walking and slipped on the icy road, falling hard and injuring my back. I didn't know it at the time, but one of my vertebrae had shifted. Day by day, the pain in my back grew worse until it was unbearable. One day I could not even sit up or get out of bed.

Over the course of the next five years, four surgeries and many attempts at therapy and various treatments, the pain only got progressively worse. I was suffering from nerve damage caused by bone fragments left over from my first two surgeries, and the following two surgeries—one to clean up the mess, and one to fuse my spine with steel rods—did not help.

By this point, I was immobile, bedridden. Everything hurt. Even my skin hurt from the slightest touch. I was utterly miserable, and it looked like I would be immobilized for the rest of my life. I lived in this miserable state for nearly a DECADE!
I was missing out on precious moments of my son's childhood and a wonderful life with my husband. I felt my life slipping away, as water slips between your fingers. My sense of self, draining away, fading physically, mentally, and emotionally. I fell into a state of deep depression and suffering. It was no way to live—and certainly not the life I had envisioned for myself.

Even through all of this, deep down, something inside was telling me not to give up. My resolve to recover deepened, and slowly things began to change for the better.

I felt obligated to imagine, create, and invent my own medicine to recover. I found within myself the remedy to my pain and sickness—and that’s what I describe in detail in my book, The Three Pillars of Self-Healing. I call them the pillars because they are what supported me on my path to healing.

For fourteen regrettable, agonizing years I was reduced to not more than a shell of a person with petty thoughts, self-destructive desires, and a broken heart. But today, thanks to what I discovered in the depths of my despair, my heart overflows with gratitude and faith. I want to share with you what I found, so that if you are suffering, you may heal yourself just as I did.

What will you gain from 
The Three Pillars of Self-Healing?
Guided Meditation
You will learn to overcome the things that are preventing your recovery and preventing you from living the life you deserve:
  •  Inner Conflict
  •  Resistance
  •  Negativity
  •  Limiting Ideas
Through The Three Pillars of Self-Healing, you will gain insight and wisdom; strength, courage, confidence, and certainty that your healing is assured.

You will learn how to go to that place of infinite possibilities—within your own mind and soul—and it is from here that you will have the power to renew your life.

With my experience of self-healing, I realized that sometimes we give up believing that we have alternatives to improve our lives, however this is not so. Each of us possesses extraordinary capabilities to improve and enrich every day, moment by moment.

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Is Pillars of Self Healing for me?
No matter how unhappy you are right now, how much pain you feel, emotionally or physically, there is always something you can improve, repair, or strengthen.

The Three Pillars of Self-Healing is a guide that will teach you how to completely change your state of mind, into one that will allow miraculous healing from the inside out.

Imagine exchanging hopelessness and despair for positivity and enthusiasm, sadness for joy, weakness for strength, pain and suffering for tranquility and ecstasy over life. Imagine waking up each morning renewed and lively, excited for what the day will bring, instead of dreading every waking moment.

here's what people are saying about three pillars of self-healing
"...The Healing is in Your Own Hands"
"...Bouncing Back to Life and Family"
"...We Are All Capable of Healing Our Own Self"
"...Very Empowering to Anyone... Going Through Anything"
Here's What Else You Get with the three pillars of self healing
In addition to my book, The Three Pillars of Self-Healing, which describes in detail how to use FAITH, GRATITUDE, and GUIDED MEDITATION to heal your mind, spirit, and body, you will also get the following 5 guided meditations.

Guided Meditation 1 - Learn to Meditate:

Meditation is an incredibly powerful mind and body practice, helping you heal the mind and soothe the soul. Shutting out the distractions around you, meditation allows you to focus on what’s important in life—you and your health.

Guided Meditation 2 - Pain Relief:

Are you suffering from pain caused by a nervous condition, injury, or illness? Want to use a 100% natural method to get rid of this pain for good, instead of using medication which only reduces it for a short period of time? Then it’s time to try our guided meditation program, Pain Relief, which will help you combat this pain using the unbelievable power of your mind.

Guided Meditation 3 - Sleep Well:

Do you wish you could fall asleep easily and sleep soundly, each and every night? Want to be able to wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead? Then it’s time to download our Sleep Well guided meditation program, which will help train your mind so you can get to sleep quickly and easily.

Guided Meditation 4 - Be More Relaxed:

Are you finding it difficult to relax? Feel like your anxieties and stresses are taking over? Then it may be time for you to embark on our guided meditation program, Be More Relaxed. Aimed at those who feel tense, anxious, or have a lot of stress to contend with, this session is ideal for helping you relax before you go to sleep, or whenever you feel your life’s becoming unbalanced.

Guided Meditation 5 - Improve Self Esteem:

You are valuable! When we are suffering from a prolonged state of pain, incapacitation, immobilization and general reduction of what we know our natural ability to be, our self-esteem suffers. We begin to tell ourselves stories that chip away at our self esteem. This guided meditation will help you restore your natural, healthy sense of self.

Want Even more?
If you order today, you'll also receive these 5 super bonus guided meditation audio recordings - designed to bring you closer to your goals.

Super Bonus 1 - Gratitude Mindset:

Do you find you’re often taking things for granted, and you’re constantly looking at what you haven’t got? Want to start enjoying the things you do have rather than being fixated on what you haven’t? Then it might be time for you to embark on our Gratitude Mindset guided meditation program, where you’ll learn how to be grateful for everything you have. 

Super Bonus 2 - Learn to Visualize:

Do you want to be able to visualize the future you’ve dreamed of? Wish you could keep your life goals embedded in your mind and imagine your success? Then it’s time to listen to our Learn to Visualize guided meditation program, which will help you harness the powerful tool of visualization.

Super Bonus 3 - Reduce Stress:

Do you find it difficult to relax? Want to remove all the stress from your life, and be able to cope with whatever life throws at you? If you answered yes, then it might be time for you to download our Reduce Stress guided meditation program. Aimed at people who feel as though stress is taking over their life, this session will help you tackle the direct source of stress – your mind.

Super Bonus 4 - Reduce Anxiety:

Do you feel as though you’re constantly weighed down by the pressure, worry, and anxiety of life? Want to remove some of this tension and stress, quickly, naturally, and easily? Then you might want to download our Reduce Anxiety guided meditation program, which will help remove all the anxiety and worry of today — forever..

Super Bonus 5 - Positive Mindset:

Do you want to become a positive thinker? Wish you could remove the negative and enhance the positive, without having to think about it? Then it’s time to download our Positive Mindset guided meditation program, which will help change your mindset into a positive, confident one.

Today you can have all of this for a single payment of only $28!
Now is the time to change your life. Not tomorrow, and not next week, now. What more do you have to think about? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

If you choose not to act, I can promise you one thing: you will remain in pain—exactly where you are now; exactly where you have been for so long—and we both know that’s not what you want. 

Now is the time for healing.

Only $28
Your order is 100% Secured
No Risk, 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of The Three Pillars of Self-Healing, email me within 60 days of purchase and I will issue a full refund—no questions asked.

I want you to feel confident about buying The Three Pillars Self-Healing today, so, I’m offering a 60-day money back guarantee to reassure you.

You get everything I offer for the full 60 days, with ZERO risk.

You can download everything, read the book, listen to all the audios, put it all into practice, and see for yourself the beneficial changes in your life.

After two months, once you have experienced the way these tools change your life, I'm sure you’ll be completely satisfied with your decision to purchase The Three Pillars Self-Healing!

But if for some reason you are not completely convinced, and the results you're getting are not what I promise, you can email me, and I'll refund your payment—all the way up until the last day of this 60-day guarantee. It's really that simple.

All you have to do to start down the path to healing, is click the button below—don’t wait—do it right now.
5 reasons why you should secure your copy of
Three Pillars of Self-Healing TODAY!
1. The Three Pillars of Self-Healing takes you by the hand and leads you every step of the way on your journey to unlocking the power of your mind—which is the key you need to open the door that leads to your healing!

2. The Three Pillars of Self-Healing teaches you to awaken your inner strength, allowing you to utilize what already exists within you, essentially “waking you up,” and allowing you to realize your powers of self-healing.

3. The Three Pillars of Self-Healing is all about taking action. YOU have the power of choice. It is always within your power to choose your thoughts, and how you will respond to your situation. This is your opportunity to put a stop to misery and pain and take back control over your thoughts, your emotions, and your life.

4. The Three Pillars of Self-Healing + all of the wonderful bonus content is available for the very low price of $28 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity!

5. The Three Pillars of Self-Healing is backed by a 60-day, 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee—there is NO RISK for you to buy today. If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, or if The Three Pillars of Self-Healing does not meet your expectations, just let me know by email and I'll refund your payment immediately—all the way up to the very last of the 60 days!

There is no reason to remain in pain. 
The Three Pillars of Self-Healing is your solution.
Grab Your Copy Now!
Your order is 100% Secured
I sincerely hope to receive a letter from you, telling me all about your experience of recovery and the positive impact The Three Pillars of Self-Healing has had on your life!

You deserve all the best!

Your friend,

Petrona Velasquez,
CREATOR of The Three Pillars of Self-Healing

P.S.—This course is an electronic download so you can get started right away! No shipping, no waiting! And remember, this extremely low price of $28 will not last long, so if you want to get the complete copy of The Three Pillars of Self-Healing with all special bonuses you must act now!

You have nothing to lose by ordering The Three Pillars of Self-Healing—remember, you have my 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, email me within 60 days of purchase and I will issue a full refund.
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